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This placement is designed for those who may have already undertaken an entry level programme of study and wish to develop and explore their caring Full commitment to attendance is required. Respect for others, enthusiasm for the subject and self motivation along with a passion for the care industry are the essential qualities we expect to see in all our learners. You will be continually assessed and there is an expectation that you will continue your studies and coursework during your own time.skills.


This placement is ideal for those with an interest in travel and tourism, and as a foundation for progressing into employment or further training. This experience provides you with an advanced introduction to the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. You must show an enthusiasm for the travel and tourism industry. You will need to be self motivated, hardworking, and numerate and have a friendly personality. Attendance and punctuality for all sessions is a major requirement of this course.


Everyone who prepares serves or sells food in any type of food business needs to: be fully aware of the foods that may trigger an allergic reaction and know what precautions need to be taken to ensure that customers do not eat a food that they are trying to avoid. Placement attendees will: understand the requirement to provide food information for consumers understand the importance of practical allergen management understand how to provide complete and correct allergen information to consumers.


Hairdressing & Beauty Hairdressing & Beauty
Learn current trends, techniques and innovations in a creative work and learning environment. State of the art facilities and a “learn by doing” Work experience offers students the opportunity to further develop their skills in selected and approved hairdressing salons.environment ensures you acquire real-world skills in this specialist profession.This placement provide students who wish to have a career in hairdressing with the range of practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in this rewarding area of the beauty industry.

Hairdressing & Beauty

This experience is particularly relevant to students wishing to pursue a career in Architectural Technology / Architecture / Architectural Draughting. Preparation of students for suitability tests and the preparation of portfolios for Architecture Courses are strong features of the course. This placement is suitable for learners with an interest in art or media who are looking to develop their practical and study skills. The experience is an introduction to the skills and knowledge of art and design. You will study a range of units which form the basis of the creative and design process. You will be encouraged to develop your drawing and painting skills, as well as digital media skills.


The placement is ideal for students who want to learn more about agriculture. It prepares you to start your career, or to progress onto vocational qualifications at an advanced level. The course allows you to develop underpinning knowledge whilst practising skills that could be used in the agricultural industry. It is focused on practical work and hands on experience, with classroom sessions to help build the underpinning knowledge. You will benefit from excellent facilities and expert staff.


I.T (Software & hardware) MULTIMEDIA I.T (Software & hardware) MULTIMEDIA
The placement is ideal for those looking to develop basic skills and knowledge in PC maintenance to get started in the IT industry. You'll gain a general grounding in basic hardware maintenance and software installation, as well as troubleshooting skills. You will combine technical skills for PC maintenance with the software skills to develop a more rounded approach to systems support. This experience will prepare you for employment in the IT industry

I.T (Software & hardware) MULTIMEDIA

This placement Introduce students to the theory and processes of contemporary fashion design. Enable students to communicate design ideas effectively. Provide students with the educational support and professional expertise necessary to pursue a career in Fashion Design. Enable students to prepare a portfolio of work to present at interview with a prospective employer or at a third level college. Assist students to develop the range of skills needed to produce a cohesive collection of garments for a fashion show.


Develop your technical and creative ability with state-of-the-art recording studios and be part of your own real-life projects. This placement will introduce you to the skills required to work in Digital Media Journalism(online and print), Radio and Sound Engineering . It is specifically designed for those who wish to experience a comprehensive and practical grounding in these fields. Provide participants with a comprehensive and practical grounding in radio production, event production and print journalism.




In ANADRASIS we take care about our project quality values which help us to become a trusted Greek mobility partner for many European vocational schools and organizations Our goal is to make your stay in Greece full of memories and work experience during learning and vocational training programme.